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The orcs have taken over the kingdom of Myrtana, and the king is hiding within the safe walls of the capital city. It’s all chaos, and only you will be able to restore long-forgotten peace. Play Gothic 3 and witness the …

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Gothic 3 is the third part of the classic role-playing video game series developed by Piranha Bytes and released thanks to THQ Nordic in 2006 for PC. It is also a legendary Gothic 2 sequel and the official continuation of the adventures of the Nameless Hero. Choose a side in the ancient war of the gods and decide your destiny! Gothic III collects very positive ratings on Steam, delighting players with a provocative plot and unique atmosphere.


The orcs are invading the kingdom of Myrtana, and more people join them. Meanwhile, King Rhobar is hiding in the Vengard fortress, and no one knows if the ruler is still alive. Embark on a journey to Myrtana and join the battle against the hordes of orcs! Discover the political situation in the kingdom, learn the motives of the factions and decide the fate of the people of this war-torn land. What's your destiny? And who will finally win the ancient war of the gods?


Undertake your adventure on the shores of Myrtana and set off on a journey through the open world of entirely new possibilities. Begin your search for the artifacts of the god of peace to decide the fate of the entire kingdom. Explore stunning locations, discover new cities and meet charming characters. Make decisions to see one of the game's three epic endings. Each country has its troubles, and you will decide whether help its people or not. You can complete the quests in any order and enjoy complete freedom to explore this world!

Try the improved combat system where you will use weapons and runic magic. Learn new spells and upgrade your combat skills. You will decide in which direction you want to develop. Use your unique skills in the fight between the largest factions of this continent. Battle with orcs or join them. Give up political intrigue and venture to the desert. Or ignore the main plot and enjoy the freedom of choice and the beauty of the open world. Everything you do in Gothic III matters!

In the third part of this impressive series, you will find even more beautiful locations and developed AI of NPCs. Become part of the natural cycle of day and night. Observe the life of the citizens and lose yourself in the immersive atmosphere of the game. Gothic 3 isn't just a rewarding role-playing video game about magic and gods – it's your new alternative life. 

Key features:

  • Play as the Nameless Hero and discover the final part of his adventures
  • Travel to Myrtana to choose a side in the political conflict
  • Find the Adanos artifacts and choose a god to win the ancient war
  • Explore stunning locations and complete quests from the villagers
  • Make decisions and have an impact on the fate of the entire kingdom