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Embark on a dark and full of monsters adventure in Tainted Grail. Here is a world where legends and myths come to life, so gather your fellowship and bring back the light!

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Tainted Grail Conquest (PC) is a dark role-playing game created by the Polish studio Awaken Realms in 2020 and based on the board game – Tainted Grail: The Fall of Avalon. The computer game project was financed with the help of a Kickstarter fundraiser, and it took less than a minute to collect the entire amount needed, so the players showed some real commitment here.


The action of the whole adventure takes place in a hauntingly dark fantasy world created by Krzysztof Piskorski. The climate and plot refer to the story of King Arthur, the search for the Holy Grail and Celtic legends.

Your single player campaign begins in a village in the land of Avalon. The defensive menhirs weakened, and a strange dark force known as Wyrdness took over the whole realm, and it became obvious that someone had to go out to retrieve the Grail from Camelot Castle. However, the first company of the best soldiers has not returned, and the only daredevil who can lead the next expedition is you.


Tainted Grail is the purest definition of a single-player computer open world RPG. The goal of the game is to travel through a land dominated by a dark and unknown force, explore the map and take on story quests. The game is played as a team, there are interactions between characters, and each of them has their own unique skills. As the plot progresses, the difficulty level increases and the gameplay becomes more challenging.

The fight is turn-based and requires planning skills and a knack for strategy, as victory largely depends on skillful planning of attacks. Also, the player is responsible for the development and general well-being of his village.

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Tainted Grail Reception

The game constantly collects a lot of positive reviews on Steam, primarily for its unique, gloomy atmosphere that attracts people for long hours. The original plot and gameplay based on the well-known board game proved to be an absolute recipe for success here.

Key features

  • Play a computer RPG based on the famous board game
  • Immerse in a unique and dark world full of legends and monsters
  • Lead your team to victory
  • Make decisions that have a real impact on the further development of the plot
  • Carefully plan your attacks and defences in a turn-based combat system