Company reg number: 13775840
Office address: 5 High Street, 2nd Floor, Bristol, United Kingdom, BS9 3BY

Whereas (i) Textorama LTD owns and   maintains the Site, which includes a variety of tools and features to assist Users and/or Visitors in purchasing a variety of products, particularly game activation codes, by allowing them to set up orders on this website or any of its subpages;

(ii) this Site also enables you to look for and view products supplied by Textorama LTD, as well as any third-party items for purchases;

(iii) Offers and sales are made between specific visitors (Users), and Textorama LTD, as well as certain additional services to Users aimed at improving the safety, speed, and certainty of the transactions;

This document establishes legal (contractual) relationships between Textorama LTD and Users, as well as between Textorama LTD and visitors, with Textorama LTD serving as the Site’s administrator.
This agreement does include the terms of use for receiving and making payments through the Site. Users agree to be bound by these terms of service, as they may be amended from time to time, by using our services; in general and especially, Textorama LTD utilizes specific controls to verify that the options used via famozgame.com are willing to comply with these Terms and Conditions, each visitor is responsible for all activity generated within his account;


Account – A User’s account on the Site that allows him or her to access the Site’s services and take use of its full capabilities.

Adjustments – any and all refunds, chargebacks, Penalties, returns, improvements, fees, surcharges, expenditures, interchange fees and similar fees and assessments, and other payments or amounts due from the visitors and/or Textorama LTD as a result of the visitor’s or User’s violation of these Terms and Conditions, law, or any Mid Body Scheme Rules (which are applicable to visitors or User).

Consumer – any User who is a natural person who acts in these Terms and Conditions for purposes that are not related to his or her trade, business, craft, or profession is referred to as a consumer.

Electronic services – provision of a service without the parties being present at the same time (at a distance), through the transmission of data at the recipient’s request, sent and received using electronic processing devices, including digital compression, and data storage, which is entirely transmitted, received, and stored or transmitted via a telecommunications network.

Acceptance of these Terms and Conditions concludes an agreement between Textorama LTD and the User, visitors for the provision of electronic services.

Intermediate Body – A bank, settlement agent, entity operating payment systems, card organization, electronic money institution, payment service provider, or financial institution that participates in the transfer of payment between the User and Textorama LTD due to the purchase of digital products or services offered by Textorama LTD on our website.

Textorama LTD’s Privacy and Cookies Policy is a collection of rules that govern how personal data is processed and how privacy protection measures are implemented to users. A different document is the Privacy and Cookies Policy.

Service – a service that is offered by Textorama LTD.

Terms and Conditions – these terms and conditions, including attachments, set forth a set of regulations that govern the use of the Site, as well as the rights and duties of Users, visitors, and Textorama LTD.

User – Any person who purchases a Product from Textorama LTD and/or has registered on the Site is referred to as a User.

All provisions of these Terms and Conditions that apply to the User also apply to the visitor.

1. Applicability and Acceptance of the Terms and Conditions

1.1. The User unconditionally agrees to and accepts these Terms and Conditions as well as the Privacy and Cookies Policy in their entirety.

1.2. Unless otherwise indicated or unless the apparent conflict derives from a difference in legal requirements in a specific nation, the English version shall prevail.

1.3. The User communicates with Textorama LTD electronically when using any services or sending emails to Textorama LTD. Textorama LTD communicates with Users via e-mail, notices posted on the Site, or distribution through other services’ communication channels as well. The User consents to receive communications electronically for contractual purposes, and they agree that all agreements, notices, disclosures, and other communications that Textorama LTD provides electronically meet any legal requirements of such communication in writing, unless mandatory applicable laws require a different form of communication.

1.4. Textorama LTD provides the Service consisting exclusively of regular transfer, caching, and hosting services, as part of the Site – within the scope of agreements established between Textorama LTD and the User. To that purpose, Textorama LTD provides the Service by making a computerized infrastructure available to facilitate data transfer, purchasing, and other facilities.

1.5. Textorama LTD may sell its own products and services to Users through the Site, notwithstanding the provisions above.

1.6. The User and the visitors must have an operational system-equipped workstation with Internet access and standard software necessary to view websites, including the ability to support cookies, in order to use the Site.

1.7. Some of the Site’s functionalities may require the User or the visitors to enable Java, Java Script, or Flash support, among other things.

 Textorama LTD’s obligations and reporting responsibilities are covered by this agreement.

1.8. Minimum technical requirements for using famozgame.com:

a) Internet access

b) Internet-connected PC, laptop, or other device and a web browser that supports Cookies and JavaScript.

1.9. Textorama LTD notifies the User of any special risks associated with the use of an Electronic service in the format chosen by the User.

1.10. Textorama LTD provides the Services described in Section 1.9 above, and the visitor is not permitted to provide services that are identical to those described in Section 1.9 above. Textorama LTD reserves the right to supply its services to visitors and/or Users (buyers) and makes no guarantee of exclusivity in any market segment.

2. Service fees

2.1. Users can join and use the Site for free. External payment providers may sometimes provide terms and conditions for making payments as well as relevant costs, in separate agreements, which the User must accept before using their services and which may change from time to time.

2.2. Prices for products or services provided by Textorama LTD are part of these Terms and Conditions and are not subject to change before the User purchases a particular product or service, as stated in point 2.1 above. Textorama LTD retains the right to temporarily suspend Service Fees for promotional purposes (for example, free bidding days) or to develop new services. Once a brief promotional period or new service is publicized on the Site, such modifications become effective.

2.3. The buying process is conducted through a shopping cart, and payment can be made via the Service’s payment page, credit card, debit card (Visa, MasterCard), or any other method that Textorama LTD may establish in its sole discretion. Textorama LTD attempts to debit money from your account within three (3) business days of receiving your Order. All game keys purchased will be sent directly to the user’s email address. Textorama LTD has the right to accept or reject any payment method. Prices are displayed in USD, GBP, CAD, BGN, SGD, RSD, BRL, COP, AZN, and other currencies listed on the Textorama LTD website. Changes will be announced if other currencies are to be used. The User and the visitors are solely responsible for paying any fees and taxes associated with their usage of the Site’s services on time, if there are any. Users are responsible for all applicable taxes that arise from or as a result of any activity via famozgame.com or by third-party links. If a payment method fails or an invoice is past due, Textorama LTD reserves the right to demand payment by another means, including any additional expenses associated with that method.

2.4. For easy purchase of any goods on our website, please sign up to keep track of your orders. You can also order without registration by filling in the details when ordering via checkout.

2.5. Different countries or areas may have different services (or other functionalities incorporated into the Site). There is no guarantee that a certain type or reach of service or capability will be offered to all Users. For different individual Users, Textorama LTD may restrict, deny, or create another degree of access linked to the usage of services (or any other capability included into the Site).

2.6. Any User (or visitors) who requests payment through one of the payment systems agrees to pay through the payment system’s websites and declares that he or she has read and accepted the terms and conditions on those websites. To the extent permitted by law, Textorama LTD will not be liable to Users (or visitors) for any payment-related problems caused by the owners of such sites, including any delays in processing payments or inability to process payments due to technical issues. In this scenario, the User/visitors must contact the payment site’s applicable operator in line with the site’s terms and regulations.

2.7. Textorama LTD handles personal data such as name, surname, e-mail, and  card number in order to engage into and perform a Service or Sale contract. The Privacy and Cookies Policy, which is a distinct document, contains specific guidelines, including justifications and rights relating to personal data processing.

2.8. The User and the visitors agree that any products and services offered by Textorama LTD on the Site will be paid for with monies obtained legally.

3. Users’ accounts

3.1. In order to create an account, the User must first register by completing the registration form on the Site. The User is asked to provide his or her current email address and username, as well as agreement to the Terms and Conditions and Cookies Policy, upon registering. Textorama LTD will create an account and assign a password to the User after they have registered to the Site. Textorama LTD reserves the right to suspend the User’s account if it is determined that the User used an email address that was created by the User with the goal that the email address only exist for a short length of time (e.g. a so-called throwaway email address).

3.2. The User is granted access to the full functionality of the Site after correctly registering on the Site and providing his or her username and password on the login page.

3.3. By registering on the Site, the User acknowledges that they have read, understood, and accepted the Terms and Conditions in their entirety, including the Privacy and Cookies Policy. Regardless of the foregoing, any User, who does not register on the Site is deemed to have accepted the Terms and Conditions as well as the Privacy and Cookies Policy at the time he or she chooses to use any of the Site’s features.

3.4. The User, visitor, must take reasonable precautions to guarantee that his account on the Site is always associated with an up-to-date e-mail address.

3.5. In the event that the User violates these Terms and Conditions or the law in effect, Textorama LTD reserves the right to suspend or terminate the User’s account.

3.6. Textorama LTD retains the right, to the extent permitted by law, to temporarily disable access to the Site or accounts due to modernisation or technical issues. When technical issues emerge, Textorama LTD pledges to resolve them as soon as possible.

3.7. The User understands that sharing their account with others or granting access to numerous people other than their employees may result in irrevocable damage to Textorama LTD, visitors, or other Users. The User is responsible for protecting Textorama LTD and our partners from losses and damages resulting from unauthorized use of their account.

3.8. The User and visitors may not access or utilize the accounts of other Users or visitors, nor may they make their accounts available to other Users, visitors, or third parties.

3.9. Users are responsible for the activities and outcomes of anyone to whom they granted account access, including actions conducted on the Site.

4. General Terms and Conditions of Use

4.1. Textorama LTD offers the Users a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-sublicensable license to access and use the services offered by Textorama LTD for personal and non-commercial purposes, subject to the other conditions of these Terms and Conditions. This license only applies to the Site’s functionalities and excludes any licenses to digital content, particularly game activation codes, offered by Textorama LTD via famozgame.com.

4.2. Textorama LTD or its owners, licensors, suppliers, publishers, or other authorized persons reserve and retain all rights not expressly granted to Users in these Terms and Conditions.

4.3. The Textorama LTD services must not be abused. Users may only use the Textorama LTD services in accordance with the law. Users and visitors are not permitted to use them to violate the law or the rights of third parties, including copyright, intellectual property, and personality rights.

4.4. All texts, graphic materials, interactive functions, logos, photographs, files, software, and other materials on the Site, as well as the selection, organization, coordination, compilation of the materials, and the general outline of the Site, are the intellectual property of Textorama LTD. Copyrights, trademarks, patents, industrial design rights, and other rights and provisions, such as international conventions and property rights, are all used to protect them. Textorama LTD has all such rights reserved. Textorama LTD owns all trademarks, trade names, and service marks. The User and the visitors must not duplicate, copy, download, disseminate, sell, distribute, or resell any services, information, texts, graphics, video clips, sounds, screenplays, files, databases, or lists available on or via the Site without Textorama LTD’s express permission, nor use them in any other way. Without the prior consent of Textorama LTD, it is prohibited to retrieve Site content in a systematic manner in order to establish or compile a collection, compilation, database, or catalog (either directly or indirectly) (using robots, bots, search engines, automatic or manual devices). Any use, publication, or copying in any form – whether electronic, mechanical, photographic, or other – of any content or materials available through the Site for reasons not permitted in the Terms and Conditions is prohibited. These materials are works within the meaning of the applicable copyright protection act. Furthermore, the Works are protected by international law under the Universal Copyright Convention, which was signed in Geneva in 1952, and the Berne Convention, which was signed in 1886, as well as the Stockholm entry of 1972 and the 1979 modifications.

4.5. To protect his or her personal data, the User must read and agree the Terms and Conditions as well as the Privacy and Cookies Policy for personal data uploaded through the Site and Textorama LTD’s partnering websites. By using the Site, the User agrees to abide by the Privacy and Cookies Policy’s Terms and Conditions regarding privacy protection and personal data protection.

4.6. Textorama LTD may provide Users with links to other providers’ content, products, or services via hyperlinks (in the form of text links, banners, channels, or anything else) leading to other websites. Before using such sites, it is recommended that you read their rules, including their Privacy and Cookies Policy and Terms and Conditions. The User is advised that Textorama LTD has no control over third-party websites, and that Textorama LTD neither monitors nor is accountable to Users for such websites, their content, or the products or services provided through such websites.

4.7. Users and visitors agree that they will not engage in the following activities:

a) Any data that violates any laws, terms of binding agreements, or third-party rights (including any trade secrets, intellectual property rights, copyrights, personality rights, or rights relating to personal data protection) should not be uploaded, or created over the Site.

c) access other Users’ accounts, or in any other way mislead other Users, visitors, or Textorama LTD; impersonate another person or entity, whether existing or fictional, or falsely maintain to be related to any other person or entity;

d) use the Site for any purpose other than using Textorama LTD, other visitors, or Users’ services;

e) disable or circumvent the Site’s security;

f) use the Site for any illegal purposes, including copyright, intellectual property rights, and other property rights protection, as well as data protection rules;

g) slander, defame, offend, annoy, or deceive other Site Users, and will not collect or seek to gather their personal data or the personal data of others without their consent, nor will they be threatened;

h) attempting to decompile, disassemble, or modify the Site’s source code in any way;

I) alter, adapt, or create derivative works based on the Site or any of its components (including the Terms and Conditions);

j) intentionally disrupt the Site’s activities or the activity of other Users or visitors on the Site, including by uploading and disseminating viruses or other harmful software such as adware, spyware, and the like;

k) intentionally disrupt the Site’s activity or any activities undertaken as a result of using the Site;

l) conduct any measures aimed at discovering other Users’ or visitors’ access passwords, including guessing passwords;

m) transfer for remuneration or otherwise make part or all of his/her account available for remuneration;

n) use bots for any purposes;

o) make it difficult for other Users to utilize the Site;

p) make payments using someone else’s or stolen credit/debit/prepaid cards, or with funds obtained from unknown sources;

s) without Textorama LTD’s previous consent, create more than one (1) account that is used by the relevant User on the Site;

g) made settings in the User’s systems that are inconsistent with the current state of things or that are intended to deceive Textorama LTD’s systems;

h) Abuse the type or number of payment methods that result in or may result in fraud or the violation of payment organization legal laws and regulations.

On the Site, Textorama LTD does not offer paid access to sales statistics. Textorama LTD keeps general sales statistics on the Site even after the contract with the Textorama LTD and User has ended.

The Privacy and Cookies Policy outlines Textorama LTD’s access Users personal data, as well as the restrictions for that access, as well as the storage term and rules for deleting such data.

5. Liability

5.1. Within the scope permitted by law, Textorama LTD’s liability shall be excluded in relation to:

a) any damages resulting from the visitor’s or User’s use of, access to, or inability to use the Site due to circumstances beyond Textorama LTD’s control;

b) any damages caused by viruses, Trojan horses, or other malicious software that may be transmitted to or through the Site by third parties, remember that Textorama LTD is required to take quick measures to eliminate any hazards posed by such viruses, Trojan horses, or other malicious software;

c) the consequences of any access data or private information being accessed in an unlawful way by any third party due to causes connected to the User, in particular because the User has made his password available to a third party;

d) any measures taken by Textorama LTD in relation to the User or the visitors in connection with any of their violations of the applicable legislation or Terms and Conditions, including account suspension or termination, restrictions on the use of specified services or features within the Site;

e) Users violating the law or any third-party rights, in particular in relation to any damages caused to third parties by users as a result of violating copyrights, industrial property rights, etc., in particular in relation to any demands of User who does not have copyrights or any other required titles;

f) any actions or consequences resulting from any breach of these Terms and Conditions by the User or or from the submission of fraudulent data or false or misleading representations and assurances, as defined in these Terms and Conditions;

g) any acts based on the User’s gathering of personal data in violation of applicable legislation, or their processing, including transfers of other Users’ personal data to unauthorized individuals;

h) any injury, damages, claims, compensation, or non-pecuniary damages arising from claims made by one User against another User (excluding Textorama LTD from any User disputes);

5.2. To the fullest extent permitted by law, all services provided by Textorama LTD on or via the Site are provided “AS IS,” “IF AVAILABLE,” and “WITH ALL DEFECTS,” and Textorama LTD expressly disclaims all warranties, including but not limited to any warranty of condition, quality, durability, functioning, reliability, merchantability, or suitability for any specific purpose of the products and services.

5.3. The limitations and exclusions of liability set forth in these Terms and Conditions apply to the fullest extent permissible by law and will apply regardless of whether or not Textorama LTD is notified of the possibility of such damage.

5.4. Users agree to fully indemnify, hold harmless, and defend Textorama LTD and its directors, officers, employees, agents, stockholders, and affiliates (collectively, “Indemnified Parties”) from and against any and all claims, demands, actions, suits, damages, liabilities, losses, settlements, judgments, costs and expenses (including but not limited to reasonable attorney’s fees and costs), as well as Adjustments, from and against all claims, demands, actions, suits, (iii) any alleged breach or violation of third party rights, including intellectual property rights, by the User. Any claim, demand, or suit must be reported to Textorama LTD in writing, and the User must fully participate in its defense. Without the agreement of Textorama LTD, the visitors and Userswill not agree to settle any such claim, demand, or suit prior to the final judgment thereon, such consent may be withheld at Textorama LTD’s sole and absolute discretion.

The visitors and Users acknowledge and agree that they are responsible for all Adjustments and indemnification obligations imposed by these Terms and Conditions, as well as all other amounts due or that may become due under these Terms and Conditions, during the term of these Terms and Conditions and after their termination or expiration for any reason. Any limitation of liability stated anywhere in these Terms and Conditions does not apply to this liability.

6. Complaints Procedure

6.1. If there are any problems or irregularities with the Site or the Services, Users, visitors may submit a complaint in writing to the following address: [email protected] or to the Office address – 5 High Street, 2nd Floor, Bristol, United Kingdom, BS9 3BY.

Users should mention their name and surname, e-mail address (or other communication address), the complaint’s subject, and the cause for the complaint in the complaint. The complaint will be considered right away, but no later than 30 (thirty) days after it is received. The procedure and outcome of the complaint consideration will be communicated to the correspondence address or e-mail address of the Users. Users bear the costs of utilizing the stated means of distance communication, which are calculated according to the tariffs of the telecommunications operator whose services the Users use.

6.2. Any complaints related to the complaint method should include the name of the user who makes the complaint, a thorough description of the problem, and a suggested resolution that the user finds acceptable.

7. Cancellation, suspension, and withdrawal of services

7.1. This agreement (Terms and Conditions) for the provision of electronic services and certain Site functions is for an indefinite period of time.

7.2. Without limiting the other provisions of these Terms and Conditions or the law’s rights and remedies, Textorama LTD may:
a) terminate the agreement governed by these Terms and Conditions if (i) Textorama LTD obtains a court order or authority decision requiring termination of the agreement governed by these Terms and Conditions with the given Users; (ii) if the given User breaches any provision of these Terms and Conditions, (iii) if the given User breaches any provision of the applicable law related to the use of the Site.

b) Immediately suspend (temporarily or permanently limit or block access to and/or use) the Account, Site, software, systems (including any networks and servers used to provide any of Textorama LTD’s services) operated by Textorama LTD or on its behalf, and/or refuse to provide its Services to the Users in the future, the User’s whose Account was previously suspended and/or terminated has created a new Account, in case of the User – she/he is in a dispute with Textorama LTD or any other User related to the transaction executed on the Site, in case of the User – he/she was not paid for the goods, services that has been purchased/ordered before.

7.3. If Textorama LTD decides to stop providing all or part of the agreement (these Terms Conditions) to a specific group of Users it must provide a statement of reasons on a durable medium to those Users at least 30 (thirty) days before the termination takes effect. The notice period set forth above shall not apply if Textorama LTD: (i) is subject to a legal or regulatory obligation that requires it to terminate the provision of all of its Services to a given Users in a manner that does not allow it to respect that notice period; (ii) exercises a right of termination under an imperative reason under national law; or (iii) can demonstrate that the Users concern has repeatedly violated the terms of this Agreement.

7.4. If Textorama LTD terminates the agreement, Users, are not permitted to create another account on the Site without Textorama LTD’s permission.

8. Retuns and refunds

8.1 Refunds are available up to 14 days after payment.

8.2 Refunds are available in case the user hasn’t received a purchased item within 2 days after purchasing.

8.3 In order to receive a refund, the user should write to Textorama LTD by e-mail: [email protected], providing the details about the item of the order, the date of the order and the amount of the order.

8.4 Refunds are not available if you do not like the purchased item, or cannot properly read the instructions of an item.

8.5 Refunds will be sent to the credit card, which used for purchasing an item on the website.

9. Final Provisions

9.1. The “Privacy and Cookies Policy” are integral parts of these Terms and Conditions, and all registered Users are bound by them.

9.2. Any data received by the Site’s administrator in connection with its operation is processed in accordance with the Privacy and Cookies Policy, to which the User agrees when accepting these Terms and Conditions. Textorama LTD may, with the consent of the User transfer the rights and duties resulting from the agreement between Textorama LTD and the visitors and/or the User (buyer) to a third party.

9.3. All communications with the Site’s administration must be sent via email to [email protected].

9.4. Any comments or suggestions regarding User violations of these Terms and Conditions should be directed to Textorama LTD at [email protected].

9.5. If any of the provisions of this agreement are found to be invalid or ineffective, the validity of the remaining provisions will not be affected. Defective or ineffective provisions will be substituted with lawful provisions that, to the greatest degree possible, represent the economic value, intention of the parties, and goal of the invalid or ineffective provisions.

9.6. Some features of the Site may not be available due to local laws and restrictions in the User’s jurisdiction, and as a result, some terms and conditions may not apply.

9.7. Section and other headings in these Terms and Conditions are included for convenience only and have no bearing on their meaning or interpretation.

9.8. Unless the domestic law applicable to the User as a consumer provides otherwise, these Terms and Conditions are governed by England law without regard to any conflicting provisions. Unless the domestic law applicable to the User as a consumer stipulates otherwise, parties approving these Terms and Conditions are exclusively subject to the jurisdiction of courts in England.

10. Age Restrictions

10.1. Use of the Site and its services is restricted to individuals who are at least 18 years of age. By agreeing to these Terms and Conditions, you represent and warrant that you are 18 years of age or older.

10.2. Textorama LTD reserves the right to request proof of age at any stage to verify that minors are not using the service. Access to certain parts of the Site may be restricted to confirmed adult users only.

10.3. In cases where you have authorized a minor under your supervision to use the Site, you recognize and agree that you are fully responsible for: (i) the online conduct of such minor; (ii) monitoring such minor’s access to and use of the Site; and (iii) the consequences of any misuse by the minor, including transactions entered into by the minor using your account.