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As it is an indie game the first question which you might ask is probably: what is the Guild of Dungeoneering? Well, we are going to explain this to you. The game can be considered an interesting mix between RPG, card ga …

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Guild of Dungeoneering can be considered an interesting mix between RPG, card game, dungeon crawl, and turn-based strategy game. You are a leader of an almost destroyed guild of adventurers. Your main aim is to bring your desolated guild to a former glory and at the same time show a middle finger to the competition. Which is also responsible for your previous downfall. The game quickly gained a lot of recognition, especially among fans of RPG and turn-based strategy games due to the fact that it is a really well made mix. It can be said that more or less you are making your own game. Guild of Dungeoneering is also a very original title. It mixes different game genres and provides players with really interesting mechanics.


The mechanics as well as the plot of the game at the very first sight, seems to be relatively simple. You start your game with a single hero and only a basic equipment needed for the further development of your own guild. Your hero is an independent unit who is going to travel through dungeons etc. without your control. On the other hand you are provided with various cards. These cards contain such elements like corridors for the dungeon, treasures, enemies, traps etc.

You need to use this cards in order to build a proper dungeon, which is going to be connected with already existing tiles and at the same time, make it as profitable for your hero and guild as possible. The game is turn based and during each turn you are provided with a new cardThe battle system works in a similar way. Here you are also provided with three different attack cards which you can use in order to deal as much damage to enemy as you can.  Sounds simple, don't you think?

Well at the very first sight it might seem so. However, the game is much more complicated than you might think. Each decision should be reconsidered. A potential mistake might lead to your downfall. Card game mechanics encourage you to plan your each move. At the same time you need to focus on the development of your own guild. It is really interesting and is going to provide you with many hours of gameplay.

Key features:

  • An interesting mix between RPG, card game and turn-based strategy.
  • Complex gameplay which is relatively easy to learn.
  • Become a leader of the adventurers’ guild.
  • Show everyone how great it is to be a hero.