Gothic Universe Edition Steam Key

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Play the legendary video game that laid the foundations for an entire RPG genre. It’s a fantastic opportunity to experience the three legendary adventures of The Nameless Hero in one set – Gothic Universe Edition! Embark …

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Gothic Universe Edition is a collection of all three legendary role-playing games from Piranha Bytes. It is your chance to play the role of The Nameless Hero and start your saga in Gothic 1, Gothic 2 Gold Edition (including the Night of the Raven expansion), and Gothic 3 franchise. Get ready for hundreds of hours of addictive gameplay that players worldwide fell in love with!


War costs, and the King of Myrtana knows it best. As the conflict between the orcs and humans escalates, even the smallest criminals find themselves in a restricted area with no chance for escape. Forge friendships, gather allies and discover your destiny to free the enslaved prisoners once and for all. Embark on a journey that will change your life and grant you the power to influence unfolding events. It is up to you how your story grows and what fate will befall the entire kingdom.


Gothic Universe Edition is a set of classic RPG products that will engage you from the first second until the last scene of the game. The gameplay features a few elements typical for the genre. One of its foundations is exploration, which lets you discover the island of Khorinis and the surrounding lands. During your adventure, you will meet hundreds of charming NPCs and complete a countless number of quests. The tasks will include simple jobs as well as challenging battles with monsters.

Thanks to the experience points gained, you can develop your character in any direction! You can improve your skills in combat, magic, alchemy, crafting, cooking, and many more – you will have plenty of activities here! All this in a mod supported, impressively detailed world where every character has a personality and choices matter.

Key features

  • Play the Nameless Hero saga in all three parts of the Gothic Game series
  • Battle enemies and discover your destiny
  • Explore the vast world and enjoy the audiovisual setting
  • Develop your skills in combat, crafting, magic, and much more
  • Choose a side and decide the future of this world