Gothic II: Gold Edition Steam Key

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Enjoy the full gaming experience of Gothic II and the Night of the Raven add-on in Gothic II: Golden Edition. Complete hundreds of missions, choose your own path, customize the game with mods, and resolve the conflict wi …

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Gothic II: Gold Edition is a well-known RPG developed by Piranha Bytes and published by JoWooD Productions and Atari, Inc. It is a complete gaming experience that brings together Gothic 2, the base game, and the Night of the Raven, the DLC.

If you are a fan of old-fashioned gameplay and enjoy an RPG experience, you will definitely appreciate playing this interestingly narrated game. The ratings are very positive and favor the story progression, unsuspected twists and turns, immense world, and the possibility to decide your own fate.

Gothic II Gold Edition: setting and plot

You find yourself on the isle Khorinis impersonating the Nameless Hero, a young, well-built man with an ironic sense of humor. Start in the City of Khorinis and learn that a new danger emerges. Upon being instructed to retrieve the Eye of Innos, an artifact that makes it possible to understand dragons, meet those legendary creatures, and find out why they gather an army of evil.

During your adventure, you will roam the lands of the medieval isle. You may visit deep forests, peaceful farms, dangerous mines, and the monastery of the Fire Mages. Guide the Nameless Hero wisely and pick the best faction for you. You can be a part of the militia, the fire mages, or the mercenaries.

Gothic II Night of the Raven

The expansion pack changes the base game significantly. It has been rebalanced and made harder. Now, it is possible to encounter new hostile and dangerous creatures while roaming the lands. It will be more difficult to brew potions since there is a reduced number of them and the ingredients are more difficult to come by.

Enjoy a fresh set of skills, special items, and Jharkendar, a brand-new world split into areas presenting different types of climates. You may now learn the language of the ancient people and increase your attribute thanks to reading the so-called Stone Tablets.

Mod compatibility

Thanks to the fantastic fan base of Gothic 2, you may enrich the gameplay with custom modifications that are available online. Gothic II Golden Edition is fully mod supported and ready to be customized so that it is even more enjoyable and refreshing!

Key Features

  • Complete gaming experience of Gothic II and Gothic II Night of the Raven add-on
  • Old-fashioned gameplay that draws in not only veterans but also rookies
  • Engaging story full of twists and turns
  • Medieval atmosphere that offers dozens of hours of nostalgia
  • Hundreds of weapons and magical spells you can defeat your enemies with