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Focus and practice your skills to become victorious in the Cube Runner! Go faster, avoid obstacles, destroy the environment and proceed to the following level to survive.

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Cube Runner is an independent 3D action platformer developed and released by EGAMER in 2016. This unique title is a perfect recommendation for fans of fast-paced action and challenges requiring dexterity. Enter the world of cubes and move forward to avoid all obstacles and win! The game collects very positive reviews on Steam, and its fans love it for its simple form and crushing challenges.


Manage the moves of the little cube running through the floating platforms. Forget gravity and classic physics – you will overcome obstacles in all the coolest ways. Bet on your reflexes and focus! Explore, avoid barriers or destroy them. Proceed to increasingly difficult levels and prove you are the master of the most challenging math games like Cuberunner.

Key features

  • Play a challenging action-platformer on PC
  • Control the moves of the little cube and go through all the platforms
  • Continue to the following levels
  • Enjoy the fast-paced action and stunning fullscreen visuals
  • Play solo or challenge your friends