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Be the first man to hunt down the legendary monster in BIGFOOT. Hunt it down using the most modern equipment or try to outsmart it. You can do it all by yourself or with friends. Do not let the gruesome creature terroriz …

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BIGFOOT is a survival horror game in which you are on the hunt for a titular monster. The BIGFOOT video game was developed and published by CyberLight Game Studio in 2017 and its reviews are mostly positive thanks to available game modes and unique design.

Are you ready to seize the opportunity to find out if the rumors are true? Is it possible that the legendary monster does not belong only in myths? Join the hunt and discover the truth.

Bigfoot hunt simulator


In Redwood, a tragedy happened, and four persons were discovered killed in mysterious circumstances. The deaths of a middle-aged woman and three college students prompted a police investigation, but it was quickly declared an accident. You refused to believe it and decided to take action. A new investigation has begun. Upon choosing your character, you arrive in the woods and attempt to unravel the truth. Is it true that the rumors are real? Is it possible that the killings were committed by a mythical monster?


Attempt to track out the monster responsible for the murders using the greatest equipment available. You are an excellent fit to put an end to the gruesome creature, as you can wield a vast array of weapons. Use flares, rifles, cameras, guns, and more! You can outsmart the monster by setting a trap, but be careful: it could backfire on you and your friends!

Play alone or with friends

In the finding Bigfoot game, you can start your own hunt in which you try to find evidence on the existence of the legendary Bigfoot. However, there is also the possibility to group up and try hunting it down with friends. If you want to be the monster and scare the crap out of your companion, feel free to do so, as you can impersonate the gruesome monster yourself!

Key features

  • Go down in history as the first man to catch the legendary Bigfoot
  • There are three game modes available. You can hunt the monster down solo, with friends, or be the Bigfoot yourself
  • Enjoy the mysterious atmosphere as the monster may be lurking nearby
  • Use a wide range of weapons and do not let the monster kill you
  • Survive the American wilderness